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Armor are items that are equipped in the "Armor" slot. The player can only equip one piece of armor at a time.


Most Armor Items provide Defense. Defense reduces all damage taken to a minimum of 0.5 Heart half.png Hearts.

Some other Items also provide Defense. Multiple sources of Defense add together, providing more protection.
Other Items that provide Defense are:


Some Armor Items overwrite others upon pickup; the old Item is deleted and does not drop on the ground.
The Armor Items that overwrite and their respective priorities are listed below:

  1. Armor leather.pngLeather Armor
  2. Armor chainmail.pngChainmail
  3. Armor platemail.pngPlate Armor
  4. Armor heavyplate.pngHeavy Plate


Armor Defense Effects
Because no one wants to fight naked.
  • Identical to Armor platemail.pngPlate Armor. Worn by Dorian.
  • The player gains the Heavy attribute.
  • Increases Defense based on the current Groove Chain multiplier.
  • Prevents all damage from one hit, then breaks.
  • Doubles the base damage of the player's weapon.
  • All damage the player takes is doubled.
  • Reduces all damage taken to a maximum of 1 Heart.png Heart.
  • Prevents all damage from up to 3 hits, then breaks.
  • The player gains the Heavy attribute.