The Ballet Shoes are an Item equipped in the Footwear slot.

Effect Edit

  • Missing a beat will not reset the Groove Chain multiplier.
  • Amplified dlc The Groove Chain multiplier will max out after killing one enemy, instead of five.

Notes Edit

  • Taking damage will still result in a loss of Groove Chain multiplier.
  • Ballet Shoes protects from skipping beats, providing extra inputs, and performing invalid actions (such as attempting to dig a wall too strong for your equipment, or walking into untargetable enemies, such as Ghosts or buried Moles).

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Obsidian Equipment - Greatly assists in keeping multiplier-based equipment at maximum strength, as the only way for it to temporarily lose power is to take damage.
    • Amplified dlc Obsidian equipment's effect will max out after killing one enemy.
  • Shrine of Rhythm - Prevents the Shrine's "damage-on-missed-beat" effect from ever triggering.
  • Amplified dlc Head spiked earsSpiked Ears - Prevents Spiked Ears from breaking.

Strategy Edit

Ballet Shoes are a fairly valuable find for builds based on Obsidian Equipment, Shrine of Rhythm, or players who simply struggle to maintain their rhythm in fast-paced, complicated scenarios. They greatly reduce the difficulty in attaining flawless victories during bosses, allowing the player to simply stand still whenever necessary. This is especially true on King Conga, where the shoes will prevent the player from ever enraging the king at all.

Ballet Shoes are also solid in score running scenarios, protecting against clumsy multiplier drops, allowing high amounts of gold to be collected more consistently. In speedruns, Ballet Shoes pair well with Obsidian equipment, but are otherwise generally regarded as the weakest choice out of all the available footwear, as there is rarely much need for high amounts of gold.