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Consumables are Items that are held in an inventory slot below the equipment in the HUD - most can be used only once before being consumed. Consumables can be accessed by pressing Up + Left (or the left face button on console).

  • Tool backpack.pngBackpack allows the player to carry an additional Consumable, accessed by pressing Left + Right.
  • Bag holding.pngBag of Holding allows the player to carry an infinite amount of Consumables.


Food heals the player when it is eaten.

In Amplified dlc.png Amplified, all Food also comes in a Magic Food variant. Upon consuming a Magic Food Item that would restore more Health than the player has Empty Hearts for, the player gains 1 Heart.png Filled Heart Container (replacing any existing Cursed heart.png Cursed Heart Container(s)) for each Heart of healing past capacity.

Food Amplified dlc.png Magic Food Health Effects
  • Reveals the current floor's layout, including the locations of Chests on the floor.
Heart half.png
  • Can be stacked. Picking up more will add to any you are already holding.
    • Comes in stacks of 6.


Drums are held in the Consumable inventory slot, but are not consumed when used. Instead, using them beats on the drum - allowing the player to stand still and activate various effects.

Drum Effects
  • Using the drum multiple beats in a row increases the damage of the player's weapon attacks on the next beat.
    • 1 Beat: x2 base weapon damage
    • 5 Beats: x3 base weapon damage
  • Using the drum deals Heart half.png Hearts of damage to the player. On the next beat, the player's attacks deal infinite damage and the player's digs can dig up any Wall.


Scrolls have various powerful effects when used.

Scroll Effects
  • Removes most Walls in a 10 tile radius around the player. Deals 1 damage to enemies within this radius.
    • Doesn't affect flying creatures, sleeping Mimics and Tar Monsters, or buried Moles.
  • The currently held weapon is granted a new Material. Daggers and Glass Shard may become Special Daggers. Special weapons like Rifle and Blunderbuss are not affected.
    • Nodlc.png A weapon may become Blood, Golden, Glass, Titanium or Obsidian. Daggers may become any of the above, plus Frost, Phasing or Jeweled.
    • Amplified dlc.png A weapon may become Glass, Titanium or Obsidian. Daggers are guaranteed to be changed to Special Daggers: Frost, Phasing, Jeweled or Electric.
  • Causes enemies and NPC's to flee from the player for 14 beats.
  • The player becomes Gigantic for 50 beats:
    • Doubles the base damage of the player's weapon.
    • All damage the player takes is halved.
    • Increases the player's Dig Level by 1. Can increase the Dig Level to 4, allowing the player to dig out Shop Walls and Stages.
    • Digs also dig up a 3x3 area centered on the dug tile.
  • Casts a "Need" spell, resulting in various effects depending on the situation.

The Scroll of Need will have one of the following effects, in decreasing order of priority. Note that an effect is skipped if it would have a lethal or invalid impact on the character (for example, Aria will not be given a Glass Rapier):

Situation Effects
Two or more enemies are next to the player (either cardinally or diagonally).
  • Deals 6 damage to all enemies adjacent to the player.
  • As Dove, it instead duplicates the effects of the Scroll black.pngFear Scroll.
No weapon equipped.
No shovel equipped.
0.5 Heart half.png Health remaining or less, and no Tool potion.pngPotion. (note: unlike blood weapons, cursed health also count, so must have half curse health left for this to happen)
No gold collected.
Dagger thumbnail.pngDagger equipped.
No torch
No armor
Tool shovel.pngShovel equipped.
None of the above.
  • The player gains 50 gold.
    • Amount gained from Riches Scroll is affected by the Groove Chain multiplier and the Head crown of greed.pngCrown of Greed.
    • This will trigger gold weapons' damage effect.

Amplified dlc.png Tomes

Amplified dlc.png Tomes cast a Spell when they are used. Tomes can be stacked, and picking up more will add to any you are already holding.

Tome Effects Stack Size


All other Consumables that don't fit into the above categories are listed below.

Consumable Effects
Heart transplant.png
Heart Transplant
  • Grants the player 20 seconds of free movement out of beat with the music.
    • All enemies move after the player moves.
    • No effect while fighting The Necrodancer.
Holy water.png
Holy Water
  • Deals 5 damage to all enemies adjacent to the player, other than shopkeepers. The player heals 1 Heart.png Heart for each enemy damaged this way.
Cursed potion.png
Cursed Potion Amplified dlc.png
  • Instantly refills the player's Health, but the player's Health is converted to Cursed Hearts.
Throwing star.png
Throwing Stars Amplified dlc.png
  • Thrown in a straight line away from the player in the direction the player last moved.
    • Deals 3 Piercing damage to the first enemy it hits.
  • Can be stacked. Picking up more will add to any you are already holding.
    • Comes in stacks of 3.