Dagger of Frost is a special dagger.

Effects Edit

Range dagger

Weapon Range of Dagger of Frost

  • When attacking, deals 1 normal damage to enemy that is adjacent to the character, and freeze it for 4 beats.
  • When attacking frozen enemies, deals 999 damage to them.
  • Can be Thrown.
  • Amplified dlc Has piercing effect.

Notes Edit

  • Nodlc The high damage to frozen enemies also applies when damaging enemies with the Feet boots painBoots of Pain, Feet boots lungingBoots of Lunging, Spell fireballFireball, Holy waterHoly Water, Scroll greenScroll of Need and Consumables bombBomb.
    • Does not apply to Scroll brownEarthquake Scroll.
  • Nodlc Dagger of Frost will melt into a Dagger thumbnailDagger if hit by a fireball, explosion, or a Fire Elemental.
    • Amplified dlc Dagger of Frost no longer melts.
  • If Amplified dlc Ring frostRing of Frost is equipped, all attacks deal 999 damage.