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Amplified dlc Diamond
Bestiary diamond
Character Information
Starting Health HeartHeartHeart
Starting Weapon Dagger thumbnailDagger
Starting Item(s) Tool shovelShovel
Tool torchTorch
Unlocking Complete Zone 5
Music Danny B

Diamond is a dancer[1] of unknown origin. He is a playable character from the Amplified DLC that can be unlocked by completing Zone 5.

Rules and Restrictions Edit

Diamond starts with a Dagger, Shovel, Torch, and one bomb.

He can move diagonally with up+left, up+right, etc but can only hold one item and bombs, which are used with left+right and up+down respectively.

Since some key combinations are used for diagonal moving, Spells, Backpacks, and Holster are removed in his runs, as well as weapons that need to be loaded and boots that can be toggled. Also, Diamond cannot throw weapons.

Diamond has a limited weapon pool, and he can only find these following weapons: Daggers, Rapiers, Spears, Longswords, Bows, Cutlasses, Staffs, and Harps. While he is able to find Daggers and Spears, he cannot throw them. All wide-attack weapons are removed in his runs. He is unable to equip wide-attack weapons. The only way to have him hold one is to make a mod that gives him one as part of his starting equipment.

Achievements Edit

A Cut Above

A Cut Above

Complete "All Zone Mode" with solo Diamond (DLC Required)

*Was previously known as 'Playing The Angles'.

Strategy Edit

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