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Dorian is Cadence's father. Prior to the events of the game, he entered the crypt in search of the Golden Lute, but never returned. Dorian was hypnotized by the Necrodancer into becoming another minion. After Cadence breaks the spell, the two join forces to take on the Necrodancer himself.

Rules and Restrictions

Dorian starts with a DaggerPickaxe.pngPickaxe, Feet boots leaping.pngBoots of Leaping, Ring might.pngRing of Might, Armor platemail dorian.pngDorian's Plate Armor and Tool compass.pngCompass. The Boots and Plate Armor cannot be overridden by Shrines, and Dorian cannot find any armor or footwear. Additionally, Dorian does not have access to the Ring gold.pngRing of Gold.

You can toggle the Boots of Leaping on and off. However, walking without Boots of Leaping active will cause Dorian to take 0.5 damage each step (except the step on exit stairs).


Typically, players should use their surroundings and walls in the area to move into certain areas. If a wall or enemy is one space away while the Boots of Leaping are active, Dorian's multiplier will not drop and he will move the one space. This applies to all walls and enemies.

Jumping in the direction of enemies is not recommended, instead it would be wiser to dig the walls, or jump between two spots until the enemy comes close enough to hit and/or kill.

If you do have to hit an enemy (who moves on every second beat) more than once or twice, such as a dragon, instead of the usual hit-jump away-hit-jump away-hit dance in a pattern of hit-jump away-jump again-jump back-hit. This assumes you are starting off on a turn where both you and the enemy have just moved into adjacent spaces. To maneuver into this, jump towards it when it is about to move and you have exactly three spaces between you.

Dorian must be careful inside shops, where without specific equipment he cannot dig the walls. In almost all cases it is required to deliberately bump into the Shopkeeper to align himself with items to purchase and even with the exit (depending on layout). If the Shopkeeper is not in the shop for any reason, it may be impossible to exit without taking damage. Secret shops can be particularly deadly - due to their layout, if Dorian ever becomes misaligned with the exit, it is impossible to escape without taking damage (without the specific equipment to dig the walls). This will leave him with one or zero purchase options depending on their placement within the shop.


  • The dorian mode is a minor mode (which are usually said to be sad and gloomy) with a major sixth interval (which is said to add a small amount of optimism), commonly used in jazz and blues.
  • The top half of Dorian's plate armor resembles an inverted string instrument, while the bottom half resembles a bell.
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