Amplified dlc Familiars are friendly creatures that occupy a tile adjacent to the player. They affect their tile in various ways.

Familiars are summoned using tokens that are carried like a Consumable. Upon use, the player may choose from one of four directions (eight as Diamond) in which the familiar will occupy the space adjacent to the player for the rest of the game.

Only one familiar can occupy a given space at a time. Summoning a familiar onto a space that is already occupied will remove the old familiar.

Familiar Appearance Effect
Token dove
Dove Familiar Amplified dlc
Familiar dove When the dove familiar touches a non-boss enemy, the enemy will be teleported to a random location, similarly to the teleport trap.

The familiar does not teleport enemies during boss fights.

Token ice spirit
Ice Spirit Familiar Amplified dlc
Familiar ice spirit When the ice spirit familiar touches an enemy, the enemy will be frozen for 4 beats.
Token shopkeeper
Shopkeeper Familiar Amplified dlc
Familiar shopkeeper The shopkeeper familiar picks up gold it touches.

When it picks up a gold pile of a value of 25 or higher, the player restores 0.5 Heart half health. The player is invincible during the beat this happens.

Token rat
Rat Familiar Amplified dlc
Familiar rat The rat familiar deals 1 piercing damage to any enemy it touches.
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