The Groove Chain (also called the Coin Multiplier) is a multiplier that can be found on the bottom of the screen. Killing enemies increases the Groove Chain. The chain will reset to level 1 if the player performs an invalid task. The font will go red when the Groove Chain is maxed out. 

Things affected by the Groove ChainEdit

The Groove Chain will multiply the amount of coins dropped by an enemy by the level of the Groove Chain.

In addition, Obsidian equipment increase in power the higher the level of the Groove Chain.

Increasing the GrooveEdit

There are many things the player can do to increase their Groove Chain, as well as increase the maximum Groove Chain.

Action/Item Effect
Slime green
Killing an enemy Killing one enemy will increase the Groove Chain to level 2, killing 4 more will increase it to level 3, the max level.
Buying a Groove Chain permanent upgrade This will add an additional 0.5 to the base Groove Chain each time it is purchased. It can be bought from the Dungeon Master in the Lobby (not available in All Zones Mode/Daily Challenge). It will only increase the gold multiplier, not the power of Obsidian items.
Shrine rhythm
Shrine of Rhythm This will set the Groove Chain to maximum, but also removes the 8th beat and damages the player if they miss a beat.

Losing the GrooveEdit

If the player does one of these things, the Groove Chain will reset to the base level. When wearing Ballet Shoes, the only ways to break the chain are taking damage or falling down a trapdoor.

Action Notes
Dragon red
Taking damage Most item and shrine-based damage does not count against the groove chain. Examples include buying an item from a Blood Shop, blood magic, using the Shrine of Blood or picking up the Boots of Pain. The only exception is the damage from stepping on the red tile from the Shrine of No Return.
Tool shovel
Illegal moves Attempting to dig a tile you cannot dig will result in a ding sound and loss of your groove. The same goes for bumping into an NPC or any already activated Shrine. Attempting to purchase an item when you don't have enough gold will not break the chain.
Illegal button presses Pressing a key combination without an item in that slot will drop the beat. For example, pressing down+left when you have zero bombs.
King conga
Missing a beat Doing nothing while a beat passes will reset the chain. Enemies will still continue to move as normal. This includes when frozen by a Blue Dragon, but does not include while sliding on ice.
Heart transplant
Moving out of sync with the beat Trying to do an action out of sync with the music will reset the chain. The Heart Transplant allows you to ignore this for 20 seconds (like the Bard).
Falling down a trapdoor. Happens by stepping on a trapdoor and when the song ends. Does not include activating a Shrine of Rhythm.