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The original soundtrack of the game by Danny Baranowsky can be bought on the Bandcamp page. For more information on the original soundtrack refer to the game's Wikipedia entry.

Included in the game are two alternate soundtracks: an EDM cover of the original by A_Rival, which by default plays for Melody, and a metal cover of the original by FamilyJules7x, which by default plays for Aria. Through the options menu, the player can choose for each character which of the soundtracks to use, or to have a version chosen at random for each level.

Two more soundtracks were added to the game on 1 May 2016: a MIDI version done by Jake "virt" Kaufman and a 80s new wave synth version done by Girlfriend Records.

A fifth soundtrack, created by OverClocked ReMix, was added to the game with the release of the Amplified DLC.

A sixth soundtrack, created by Chipzel was released January 31st 2017, it made its debut on Xbox One First.

All versions of each song have the same duration and BPM. The only difference is the style; there is no mechanical difference. A few of the boss tracks (Death Metal, Deep Blues, and King Conga in particular) vary in length across the different soundtracks, but since these tracks loop, there are no advantages to using one OST over another.

There is one more official soundtrack which is a crossover with Danganronpa It was made by Spike Chunsoft, which developed Danganronpa and published the localized-for-Japan version of NecroDancer. It was released alongside the Chipzel pack on PC August 22 2017.

Similarly, the Switch port of the game also includes an exclusive Groove Coaster soundtrack, a dubstep soundtrack that fits the music style in the Groove Coaster series, a rhythm game series on arcade and mobile that's a spinoff of Space Invader.

List of Soundtracks

Artist Style Character Original Amplified Extra
Danny Baranowsky Original Cadence Crypt of the Necrodancer OST Crypt of the Necrodancer: AMPLIFIED OST
A_Rival EDM Melody The Melody Mixes The Melody Mixes AMPLIFIED
FamilyJules Metal Aria Aria's Ascent Aria Amplified Aria Awakened (Remastered versions of all tracks)
Jake "virt" Kaufman Retro Eli Freestyle Retro ? (only on steam)
Girlfriend Records (several artists) Synthwave Bard The Synthwave Cuts The Synthwave Cuts AMPLIFIED
OC ReMix (several artists) Various Nocturna OverClocked (included in original)
Chipzel Chiptune Amplified dlc.pngDorian Chipped of the NecroDancer Chipped of the NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED
Spike Chunsoft Danganronpa ? (exists, but missing) X (use Danny Baranowsky)
Groove Coaster ? (exists, but missing) X (use Girlfriend Records)

Official Soundtrack BPM

Title Purpose BPM Duration Beat Count
Tombtorial Tutorial 100 1:33 (Loop)
Watch Your Step Training 120 1:45 (Loop)
Rhythmortis Lobby 130 1:06 (Loop)
Disco Descent 1-1 115 3:01 337
Crypteque 1-2 130 2:46 350
Mausoleum Mash 1-3 140 2:55 404
Fungal Funk 2-1 130 2:40 337
Grave Throbbing 2-2 140 2:51 385
Portabellohead 2-3 150 2:50 417
Stone Cold / Igneous Rock 3-1 135 2:44 361
Dance of the Decorous / March of the Profane 3-2 145 2:48 393
A Cold Sweat / A Hot Mess 3-3 155 3:00 450
Styx and Stones 4-1 130 3:02 388
Heart of the Crypt 4-2 145 2:41 383
The Wight to Remain 4-3 160 2:43 420
Voltzwaltz 5-1 130 3:05 401
Power Chords 5-2 140 2:34 360
Six Feet Thunder 5-3 155 3:03 473
Konga Conga Kappa King Conga 120 (omitting every eighth beat) 0:48 (Loop)
Metalmancy Death Metal 175 1:05 (Loop)
Knight to C-Sharp Deep Blues 123 0:39 (Loop)
Deep Sea Bass Coral Riff 126 0:53 (Loop)
Notorious D.I.G. FortissiMole 150 (Loop)
For Whom the Knell Tolls Dead Ringer 140 1:22 (Loop)
Momentum Mori The Necrodancer (Phase 1) 140 1:10 (Loop)
Last Dance The Necrodancer (Phase 2) 160 1:01 (Loop)
Momentum Mori (Melody ver.) Return of the Necrodancer 118 - 172 1:13 145
Absolutetion The Golden Lute 120 1:07 (Loop)
Dead End Credits 140 3:19
Steinway to Heaven Frankensteinway 125 1:14 (Loop)
Vamplified Conductor 145 1:36 (Loop)


  • It was revealed by Jake Kaufman that if you layer his version of the soundtrack over Danny B's, they perfectly align and become a larger scale track.
    • It was later confirmed by Chipzel that her soundtrack had a similar purpose.
  • The Wight to Remain is actually a revamped track of the (scrapped) Zone 1 - Level 4 theme from the game's alpha. The original can be found here.
  • Dead End is an unedited track from the game's alpha, the Zone 2 - Level 2 theme. The reason the theme was unused for the level was because it was considered too long to use, and too varied in composition to cut.


This list is all about gathering great music to play to. Please sign your recommendations with ~~~ or type your name.

Artist and Title Genre Duration Recommended for Recommended by
N'to - Trauma (Worakls Remix) Electronic 10:00 Boss-stage Luveluen (talk)

ZZ Top - La Grange

Rock ~3:00 Any

Luveluen (talk)

In the Hall of the Mountain King Classical ~3:00 Any DustinYourEyes
SHE - Pioneer Electronic ~3:00 Any Akorax (talk)
David Guetta & Showtek - Bad ft. Vassy Electronic ~3:00 Any Akorax (talk)
Nitro Fun - New Game (Original Mix) Electronic ~4:00 Any Esa
NIGORO - Giant's Cry (May need 2x beats) Game ~3:00 Fast paced players CommanderSaxon (YouTube)
MASA - Ignition Rock ~2:40 Any Zone CommanderSaxon (YouTube)
Jake Kaufman - An Underlying Problem Game ~4:00 Any AweStriker Nova
Manami Matsumae - Flowers of Antimony Game ~3:30 Any AweStriker Nova
Yuzo Koshiro - A Sudden Gust of Wind Before Your Eyes Game ~2:30 Short games AweStriker Nova
Crimzon Clover - Lightning Challenger (don't use 2x beats. Unless you're insane.) Game ~4:00 Fast-paced players DaWrecka (talk)}
Two Steps From Hell - To Glory Orchestra ~4:30 Any non-boss level GingerJesus
Xilent - Boss Wave Electronic ~4:00 Any Thecakeisal1e
Zomboy - Hoedown Electronic ~4:20 Any Thecakeisal1e
Noisia - Tommy's Theme Electronic ~5:00 Any Thecakeisal1e
Celldweller - ShutEmDown Electronic ~2:30 Death Metal Boss Thecakeisal1e
Skrillex - Bangarang Electronic ~3:30 Any Thecakeisal1e
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair - Vampire Killer Game/Rock ~2:13 Any (Shorter levels = better) DJ Dump Trilogy
Toby "Radiation" Fox - Spider Dance Game ~1:46 Any/Short (extended versions for longer) DJ Dump Trilogy
Yasunori Mitsuda - Boss Fight 1 Game ~1:33 Boss-stage Sinanco
Masanobu Matsunaga - Malevolent Magikoopa Game ~3:07 Any Sinanco
Porter Robinson - Sad Machine Electronic ~4:19 Any DatClassySquirtle
Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Original Mix) Electronic ~4:58 Any Horny_Hamster
Angle Dance ~2:30 Diamond (Character) StardustAlpha
Through the Fire and Flames Rock ~7:24 Fast players(put X2 speed for better effects) Anonymous
Can't Stop the Feeling Disco Pop ~3:56 Any JT
cYsmix - Moonlight Sonata Electronic ~3:24 Any Anonymous
Kevin MacLeod - Adventure Meme Electronic ~1:43 Any because it's Loopable Riedler
Destroid - Annihilate Electronic ~5:10 Any (better for longer levels & bosses) Anonymous
Nitro Fun - New Game Electronic ~4:19 Zone 1 Anonymous
Rocket Knight Adventures "Boss Theme" Cover Electronic ~3:56 Boss Renkindle