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This is an overview of various objects you may encounter on your way through the Crypt of the NecroDancer.
For items you can pick up, carry along and use, please refer to the Equipment page and subpages.


Main article: Shrines

Shrines are special objects found through the crypt, each with unique effects upon activation. All shrines activate by "bumping" into them, with the exception of Shrine of Chance (activation costs gold), Shrine of Sacrifice (enemies must be killed next to it) and Amplified dlc.png Shrine of Pain (the player must be hurt next to it).


Main article: Traps

Traps are visible within the player's sight radius or with special items. Monsters do not try to avoid traps and can be affected by them. Huge monsters (Minibosses, Golems, Lord Monsters, etc.) and flying monsters are not affected by traps.


Main article: Containers

Chests are found scattered around the crypt. They contain items that will help the player and can be found lying out in the open, within hidden rooms or to be purchased in the shop.


Main article: Tiles

Tiles make up the basic layout of the Crypt of the NecroDancer. They come in two types: Floor Tiles that the player can stand on, and Walls that provide an obstacle to movement.

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