Nintendo Switch icon Reaper
Reaper Cover
Character Information
Starting Health HeartHeartHeart
Starting Weapon Dagger thumbnailDagger
Starting Item(s) Tool shovelShovel
Unlocking Unlocked by Default
Music Danny B

Reaper is the carrier of souls to the underworld. She takes the souls of the fallen enemies, who later follow her around like familiars, providing defensive and offensive aid to her.

Reaper is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch edition and is readily available without the need to unlock.

Rules and Restrictions Edit

She herself plays like a default character, with almost no restrictions. However all the enemies she kills (all enemies that would normally drop gold), becomes a soul that follows Reaper around. The souls are weak and vulnerable to attacks and will die to any attack alongside other ways of getting damaged such as bombs and rolling barrels. They will try to remain in the same position Reaper created them, relative to Reaper; i.e. if Reaper kills an enemy one space above, its soul will travel with reaper on the space directly above her. The souls can attack enemies by moving into them and if they kill enemies they too become souls. This way, in a very short time Reaper will acquire an army of souls to company her.

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