The Red Dragon Dance is a strategy that can be used to kill Red or Blue Dragons.


Strategy Edit

Since Red Dragons can be problematic due to their 1x1 grid of attack range and their horizontal fire blast, the Red Dragon Dance was developed to counter this threat. The dance involves a number of steps, starting off with positioning the player character directly in front of the dragon. This will allow them to attack the dragon. Once done, this will allow the player to begin the dance.

  1. When the dragon begins charging its fire attack, prepare to immediately move upwards by one square.
  2. Move up on the exact same beat as the attack.
  3. Move above the dragon on the next beat (either right or left depending on what side of the dragon's the player is on).
  4. Move immediately back to the square moved to on step 2 (either left or right depending on the movement performed in step 3).
  5. Attack the dragon when it is charging (instead of the preparation done in step 1).
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until the dragon is dead.

This Strategy is considered official as you had to use the tactic in an exercise room as the bard.