The Ring of Shadows is an Item equipped in the Ring slot.

Effects Edit

  • Makes items at shops free of charge while equipped.
  • Reduces the player's vision to a radius of 2 tiles.
  • All enemies, NPCs, items, containers, traps and gold appear as silhouettes.

Notes Edit

  • Sets the light radius to 2 tiles but allows the player to see through walls as if a torch was equipped.
  • Equipped torches do not increase the player's light radius.
  • Wall torches (or "wall mushrooms" in Zone 2) do not provide light.

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Head monocleMonocle - Highlights secret shops and items held within barrels, crates, or chests. Items out in the open, however, will not be visible unless they fall within the player's normal vision range.

Strategy Edit

Without mapping, shops will be quite difficult to locate due to the reduced vision radius, making the benefits of Ring of Shadows somewhat difficult to leverage. Shrine of Darkness is particularly strong in this fashion, as it provides a map, allowing the player to easily locate and rob shops. Ring of Shadows also allows the player to purchase infinite items from the Conjurer, provided they can find it. The Monocle helps substantially in this regard, as it highlights any hidden shops.

Once the player has secured enough other items, it's generally wise to find a replacement ring to restore normal vision radius. Selling the ring to the Pawnbroker is also a viable option.