The Ring of Wonder is an Item equipped in the Ring slot.

It can only be acquired by transmuting a Ring becomingRing of Becoming, either using a Spell transmuteTransmute spell or via the Transmogrifier.

Effects Edit

  • Nodlc Killed enemies drop 2 additional gold.
  • Provides an additional filled (Amplified dlc empty) heart container as long as it's equipped.
  • Increases attack damage by 2.
  • Provides 0.5 armor rating, reducing damage intake by 0.5 Hearts on each hit.
  • Kills have quadruple value towards spell cooldown.
  • Heals 1 Heart Heart upon entering the next level.
  • Reduces prices by 50% at all shops that charge gold.
  • Reduces prices at blood shops by 2 hearts.
  • Pawnbrokers buy items at full value instead of half.

Notes Edit

  • Nodlc Bonus gold from Ring of Wonder is not affected by the Groove Chain multiplier.
  • Stacks with other armor items.
  • Gold prices are rounded up.
  • Blood shops never charge below 0.5 hearts

Notable Interactions Edit

  • Nodlc Rings - Since the Ring of Wonder provides a full heart container on pickup, it can be dropped and picked up repeatedly using any other ring to gradually heal to full health.
  • Nodlc Armor obsidianObsidian Armor - Due to a bug, Ring of Protection does NOT properly stack with the defense provided by Obsidian Armor.

Strategy Edit

The Ring of Wonder is an excellent all-rounder ring that is good in almost every situation. It's especially powerful in score runs, as the health regeneration allows for extra Blood Shovel usage, +2 gold per kill is a clear simple boost to score, and the faster spell charges are beneficial when coupled with Bomb or Heal spell.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the Ring of Wonder comes with a high-risk time investment with the RIng of Becoming to produce, making it rare in survival and speed oriented runs. Even factoring out the risk and time investment, the Ring of Wonder lacks some effects of some of the more powerful speed rings, such as the Ring of Phasing, Ring of Courage, or the Ring of Mana's spell-power boost. As such, while the ring is undeniably powerful, one should generally only be looking to consistently use it in score runs.