Crypt of the NecroDancer Wiki

Shrines are special objects found through the crypt, each with unique effects upon activation. All shrines activate by "bumping" into them, with the exception of Shrine of Chance (activation costs gold), Shrine of Sacrifice (enemies must be killed next to it) and Amplified dlc.png Shrine of Pain (the player must be hurt next to it). You can place a Bomb next to a shrine and destroy it before or after activating it, causing it to drop an item.

Shrine Positive Effects Negative Effects Item Drop (unactivated) Item Drop (activated)
Shrine war.png
Shrine of War
Bestows upon the player a Head circlet telepathy.pngCirclet of Telepathy or Head monocle.pngMonocle (50% chance of either) and a Scroll purple.pngScroll of Gigantism. Causes all future monsters to spawn as their hardest versions (e.g. the White Skeleton into the Black Skeleton).

Cheese thumbnail.pngCheese for Melody, Eli and Dove

Ring of War thumbnail.pngRing of War for Aria and Coda
Shrine blood.png
Shrine of Blood
Gives the player a random Blood weapon (drops current weapon) and Amplified dlc.png also drops a Blood Shovel.pngBlood Shovel in front of the shrine. Drops the player to 0.5 hearts of health upon activation.

Shrine darkness.png
Shrine of Darkness
Gives player the Ring of Shadows thumbnail.pngRing of Shadows, a Tool compass.pngCompass, a Tool map.pngMap, and 1 Consumables bomb.pngBomb. If the player has a ring, it is destroyed and replaced with the Ring of Shadows thumbnail.pngRing of Shadows.

All torches on the walls on current level disappear, and future levels have no wall torches. The player loses their torch if they have one.

Torch 2.pngBright Torch for Dove

Shrine glass.png
Shrine of Glass
Grants a Glass Shovel, equivalent glass weapon, Glass Armor, Glass Jaw, Glass Torch and Amplified dlc.pngGlass Slippers for each corresponding slot that has an item already.

Amplified dlc.png Armor heavy glass.pngHeavy Glass Armor is not affected.

Melody, Aria, Coda and Dove's weapons, Eli's Shovel and weapon as well as Dorian's Armor and Boots are not affected.

Your previous items are destroyed.

Glass equipment breaks when the player is hit.

Head glass jaw.pngGlass Jaw for Dorian

Shrine peace.png
Shrine of Peace
Gives player 2 additional heart containers and fully refills health.

Amplified dlc.png Only gives the player 1 additional heart. Converts all cursed hearts to normal hearts.

Upon activation, all of the player's equipment will be destroyed, with the exception of the Ring of Peace thumbnail.pngRing of Peace, and replaced with what they started with.

Amplified dlc.png Upon activation, the player's weapon is replaced with a Dagger thumbnail.pngDagger. No other item is lost.

Scroll black.pngFear Scroll for Melody, Eli and Dove
Shrine rhythm.png
Shrine of Rhythm
Summons a trapdoor under the player, sending them to the next level without missing a beat.

Grants an Obsidian Shovel, equivalent obsidian weapon, Obsidian Armor, and Obsidian Torch for each corresponding slot that has an item already.

Amplified dlc.png If the player is either Aria or Coda, Armor is not affected by Shrine of Rhythm.

Your previous items are destroyed.

Removes every 8th beat (like the King Conga boss fight), deals 1/2 heart of damage if the player misses a beat.

*Impossible to grab outside of co-op*
Shrine risk.png
Shrine of Risk
Gives two Apple thumbnail.pngApples, Bag holding.pngPack of Holding, and a choice of three random items. Player takes 0.5 Heart half.png damage at the beginning of each future level, after making first action (thus, for example, healing provided by food will apply first). This damage cannot be prevented.

The damage occurs before picking up items, so in particular, using a Scroll of Need with 0.5 hearts on the first beat of a level won't save the player from dying; the player will die with the potion on the floor. This can be avoided by using the scroll before entering the next floor.[1]

Amplified dlc.png Will not damage the player if they have 0.5 hearts remaining.

Holy water.pngHoly Water for Melody
Apple thumbnail.pngApple for Dove

Shrine sacrifice.png
Shrine of Sacrifice
Kill 5 enemies on tiles adjacent to it (up/down/left/right of the shrine) to activate it and get a choice of 3 items of current level+3 value.

Or kill a miniboss next to it to activate it immediately and get a choice of 3 glass weapons. If playing as a weapon-locked character, Nodlc.png the shrine will drop 3 piles of 50 gold instead (only one may be taken), or Amplified dlc.png the shrine will drop a choice of 3 rarer items instead.

A visual effect of rising blood will show with each sacrifice.


Holy water.pngHoly Water for Aria and Coda

Holy water.pngHoly Water for Aria and Coda
Shrine space.png
Shrine of Space
Gives the player a choice of (from left to right) an ObsidianShovel.pngObsidian Shovel, a Pickaxe.pngPickaxe, and a GlassShovel.pngGlass Shovel. Adds one extra room to each floor in zones 1 to 3. Zone 4 and Amplified dlc.png zone 5 are unaffected.

Shrine pace.png
Shrine of Pace Nodlc.png
Upon activation, all future levels will have a competitive time limit (indicated by green beat bars in HUD) for beating. If the player beats the level within this time limit, a random item will spawn on the next level.

Amplified dlc.png Only accessible via the Level Editor.

If the time limit passes without making to the next level, the player will take 0.5 damage. This damage cannot be prevented.

Cheese thumbnail.pngCheese for Melody and Dorian

Head miners cap.pngMiner's Cap for Melody and Dove
Dagger of Phasing thumbnail.pngDagger of Phasing for Dorian
Shrine chance.png
Shrine of Chance
Upon activation, has a chance to spawn a random item from the item pool. Costs to activate; price increases with each activation, with a chance to spawn nothing.

Wearing the Ring of Luck thumbnail.pngRing of Luck or Charm lucky.pngLucky Charm will guarantee spawns.

A random item from the item pool A random item from the item pool
Shrine no return.png
Shrine of No Return Nodlc.png
Gives the player a Glass Rapier.pngGlass Rapier and a War drum.pngWar Drum.

Amplified dlc.png Only accessible via the Level Editor.

Destroys player's current weapon.

Deals 0.5 damage to the player if they move to the tile on which they were 1 beat ago (indicated by a red square). The damage is dealt only once and breaks glass equipment. Can be prevented (e.g. with the Shield spell).

Amplified dlc.png No Return Mode has this effect permanently.

Feet boots leaping.pngBoots of Leaping for Bolt
Cheese thumbnail.pngCheese for Dorian

Shrine phasing.png
Shrine of Phasing Nodlc.png
Gives the player a Ring of Phasing thumbnail.pngRing of Phasing.

Amplified dlc.png Only accessible via the Level Editor.

Removes all of the player's equipment except Consumables bomb.pngBombs, Spells, and the Dagger of Phasing thumbnail.pngDagger of Phasing.

Apple thumbnail.pngApple for Aria, Bolt, Eli and Coda

Cheese thumbnail.pngCheese for Melody, Aria, Eli, and Coda
Boss Shrine.png
Boss Shrine Amplified dlc.png
Gives the player a choice of three different random items. Causes all levels after the level activated to have two minibosses (three on Hard Mode) required to unlock the stairs.

Cheese thumbnail.pngCheese for Melody, Eli, and Dove
Shrine of Pain.png
Shrine of Pain Amplified dlc.png
Summons items when the player is hurt next to it.

Gets activated and used up after five summons.

If a hurt leads to a loss of at least 2 Heart.pngHeart.png hearts at once, gets used up instantly and offers a choice from three glass weapons.


Cheese thumbnail.pngCheese for Monk, Coda, Tempo, Melody, Eli and Dove
Shrine of Uncertainty.png
Shrine of Uncertainty Amplified dlc.png
Gives the player the Weapon uncertainty.pngMystery Weapon.

It may be made of Obsidian or Titanium and it shares its properties with one of the following weapons: Broadsword, Rapier, Longsword, Whip, Bow, Cat o' Nine Tails, Flail, Axe, Warhammer, Cutlass, Staff or Harp.

It cannot be a Dagger, Spear, Crossbow, Rifle or a Blunderbuss, nor can it be of Normal, Blood, Glass or Gold quality.

The player won't know exactly which weapon the Mystery Weapon is until testing it in battle.

Cheese thumbnail.pngCheese for Diamond