Crypt of the NecroDancer Wiki

Traps are visible within the player's sight radius or with special items. Monsters do not try to avoid traps and can be affected by them. Huge monsters (Minibosses, Golems, Lord Monsters, etc.) and flying monsters are not affected by traps.
Nodlc.png Enemies killed by traps still replenish the spell cooldown.

Name Trap Effect
Trapdoor Trapdoor.png

Once activated, this trap causes all victims to fall down into the next level.

If the player falls down to the next level without killing the current level's miniboss, they will spawn in a small room bordered by stone walls with several enemies and another miniboss, and they will need to kill the miniboss to escape or dig their way out. Falling down will reset the Groove Chain (this will kill Aria or quaff her potion, but will kill Coda).

Barrels and crates that fall down the trapdoor will break and reveal their contents on the next level.

Trapdoors will not appear while playing as Dove.

Bounce trap

When activated, this trap bounces the victim one tile in the direction the arrow on it is pointing.

Bounce traps that are blank are omni-bounce traps and will bounce the player or enemy one extra tile in the direction they moved onto the trap.

If an enemy moves diagonally on a blank trap, they will bounce diagonally.

In Zone 3, arrow traps will occasionally rotate, changing the bounce direction every beat either clockwise or counter-clockwise

Diagonal bounce traps also appear in Zone 4, which bounce things diagonally.

Tempo up
When activated by the player, this trap increases the song BPM by 12.5% for 21 beats [1]. Blowing up an activated trap will make the effect permanent until the next level. Monsters cannot activate this trap.
Tempo down
When activated by the player, this trap decreases the song BPM by 12.5% for 21 beats [2]. Blowing up an activated trap will make the effect permanent until the next level. Monsters cannot activate this trap.
Spike trap
When activated, this trap raises two spikes that deal 2 damage. Enemies that die by this will not drop gold. Pushing a crate or a barrel onto a spike trap destroys the container as well as the trap, leaving the items unharmed. Pushing Teh Urn onto a spike trap deals 1 damage to Teh Urn and destroys the trap.
Confuse trap
When activated, this trap reverses the victim's movement.
Teleport trap
When activated, this trap teleports the victim to a random location.
Bomb trap
When activated, this trap spawns an active bomb. Enemies cannot activate this trap.
Scatter trap Amplified dlc.png
When activated, this trap removes and scatters the player's items (except bombs, heart containers and spells) and in a radius around them, forcing the player to pick them up again. The following items will NOT drop: Melody's Lute, Dorian's Armor and Boots, Eli's Shovel and Weapon, Dove's Flower.
Roofpig [3]
Sits on a wall instead of on the floor. Activated by stepping on one of the five tiles in a line in front of it. Charges for one beat, then shoots a fire beam for 2.5 damage. Is destroyed if its wall tile is dug out. Enemies cannot activate this trap, but will take damage from it.

Called "fire trap" in the level editor and game files, and sometimes called "wallpig" in the patch notes.