The Winged Boots is an Item equipped in the Footwear slot.

Effect Edit

  • The player becomes immune to all traps and floor hazards.
  • Amplified dlc The player will not be charged when standing over conduits.

Notes Edit

  • Wearing the Winged Boots will prevent the player from being able to utilize traps that may be helpful, such as bomb traps and trapdoors.

Strategy Edit

Winged Boots are the strongest piece of footwear in the game with respect to safety. With Winged Boots equipped, the player is free to generally ignore everything in the floor and focus exclusively on enemy management. The visual levitation effect on the player sprite also makes it very hard to forget that Winged Boots are active.

In the context of speedruns, Winged Boots should almost always be avoided because it prevents the player from using trapdoors, forcing them to complete the whole floor.

Amplified dlc With Amplified enabled, it is recommended to take off the Winged Boots before entering Zone 5. The chain-lightning attack the player gains from conduits make short work out of swarms and bunched-up enemies. With Winged Boots on, however, the player will not be able to utilize conduits, making Zone 5 much more difficult.